AB/ABS Legcylinder

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The AB/ABS cylinder is designed to be mounted directly on a workstation or similar. Since the cylinder is self- guided in its aluminium housing, no external guiding is required. The cylinder is therefore suited to be attached to existing workplaces making them adjustable. The AB cylinder is also available with the tube entry on the side of the cylinder (ABS cylinder).

The piston rod/standpipe, and the foot plug are made of stainless steel, and the cylinder housing of anodized aluminium.

The cylinders have different piston diameters, and thus they have different weight capacities. Please see the combination lists for more details.

If larger weights are to be lifted, a stronger leg cylinder (the AM cylinder) is available. For more information see data sheet for the AM-cylinder.

This cylinder will automtically be used for combinations, where cylinder type Ax3 or Ax4 is listed (see combination lists). This cylinder is also recommended for applications, where a greater stability is needed.


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