MOMF/ MB0M pump - Electric motor unit MF/ MB0-pump

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Approvals: CE, EMC, UL
Approvals: 24 V DC

Current supply

Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Primary voltage: 230 V AC (also available as 110-115 V AC)
Secondary voltage: 27 V DC
Secondary current (at max. load) : 13 A
Effect at max. load: 350 W
Fuse: PTC-termosäkring (x2). Automatic reset.
The motor unit is not designed for continuous "non-stop" use...

Duty factor: 10%, Mac run time 2 minutes.
Maximal lifting capacity equal to maximum system load.

The motor unit is supplied with a control box (containing transformer and electronic device), and a hand control. The control box is available for 230 V and 110-115V. The control box is CE- and UL-approved. The hand control is available in different variations - please check with Ergonomix for details.

Note! In order to maximize safety the stroke lengths are shortened by approx 10 mm. A system with 150 mm stroke will have a stroke length of approx 140 mm when used together with the motor unit.

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